Aaryn White

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Junior, Political Science & Public Policy /Minor – African American Studies

AarynAaryn is a junior political science and public policy major, with a passion for diversity and public service. Her unique Carolina family has allowed her to grow and thrive academically, personally, and professionally. As the current Excellence and Initiatives Coordinator of the Minority Student Recruitment Committee and Outreach Chair of the Black Student Movement, Aaryn hopes to be able to create new opportunities and build collaborations with students from all walks of life to create an even better Carolina experience.

“As the Excellence and Initiatives Coordinator for the Minority Student Recruitment Committee, I can candidly say that I would not be attending UNC had it not been for this university’s intense focus on diversity. Like many, I am a product of the premier UNC program, Project Uplift. When asked, “What is Project Uplift?” I often am unsure how to respond. I have now experienced Project Uplift from every angle: participant, counselor, and administrative staff member and could shout out thousands of adjectives like, “amazing” and “life-changing;” however, those words could never give you a glimpse into what that program means for so many people. As a participant, Project Uplift gives you a sneak peak into the amazing and passionate people that you get to call family once you get to Carolina.  As a staff member, you see why fostering a welcoming environment and making an effort to ensure that everyone is included is so vital. It becomes clear that Carolina is so amazing because of its diligent efforts to respect, interact with, and encompass all members of the university community. 

To answer the question as to why am I interested in a program like the Cultural Competence Leadership Institute, my answer is, “How could I not be?” The program’s core values, including leadership, diversity, professional immersion, and a global mindset, are all proficiencies that I have obtained during my time at Carolina. CCLI would allow me to hone my skills and only continue to further my development both personally and professionally.”