Ajene Robinson-Burris

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Sophomore, Global Studies & Classical Civilizations / Minor-Philosophy

DSC00025Ajene is an out-of-state student here at the UNC. She spent her first year as a Community Governor and now is a Resident Assistant and Multicultural Advisor in her residence hall and Recognition Chair of National Residence Hall Honorary. Culture is something she loves to be immersed in and plans to use her passion and skills to make a better life for others. Her ultimate goals are to work internationally after law school and then become a professor.

As a student now, I try to become as aware as possible with diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, and leadership so that I can have a better life and make a better life for the other people around me. As an RA and multicultural advisor, it is also a part of my daily job to be aware of these topics so that I can provide a safe environment for my residents and so they can be better global citizens. I believe these elements are the key parts to life in order for success and are necessary to work with others. I want to make time for anything that has to do with these values because these are values that I hold near and dear to my heart. Last year as community governor of Hinton James, I did everything in my power to make sure that in addition to the fun, social programs, our community focused on programs that informed others about other cultures and inclusivity for people that are different from what they perceive as “normal”. This year I plan to do the same thing not only as an RA and multicultural advisor, but through National Residence Hall Honorary and Buckley Public Service Scholars as well. I would like to add CCLI to my small but important list and connect it to what I do everyday. I know I can bring a lot to the table with a program like this one and help expand on what’s already been done.