Alina Wirtz

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Sophomore, Business / Minor-Spanish for the Professions

AlinaAlina is an Ohio native, but moved to North Carolina two years ago. She comes from a very diverse background, and loves the different cultures she has been blessed to be exposed. Her exposure to multiculturalism came early through her mom who immigrated from Romania. Among other things, she has a passion for sports, particularly volleyball. She is currently a sophomore planing on becoming a business major. She loves all aspects of business, but especially the interactions with people and the different levels of leadership. She is very excited and grateful to be a part of this tremendous opportunity that CCLI has given her, and plans on making the most of it.

I have been raised in a household that values the varied cultural backgrounds of my family and our family friends and acquaintances.  My mother is an immigrant from Romania and my father’s background is German and Slovak.  My best friend’s mother is an immigrant from Puerto Rico.  Our family friends have first generation Lebanese and Italian backgrounds.  The city I spent my first 17 years in, Cleveland, Ohio is known internationally as a diverse settlement for immigrants.  We used to spend our summer weekends visiting all the various cultural festivals held throughout the city, such as; the Romanian Festival, the Greek Festival, the Italian Festival, the German Oktoberfest, and Irish and Chinese celebrations.  It is such a great city where inclusion is a given among its residents.  Upon moving from Ohio to North Carolina, I have come to experience the qualities of southern traditions and cultural differences influenced by the history of this great State.  The DMA Cultural Competence Leadership Institute for 2013-2014 will offer me the opportunity to continue my growth in cultural competency and expand my leadership experience.  This past summer, I held two part-time jobs.  One job was at Home Depot and the other at Walmart.  These stores serve a cross section of diverse cultures in America on any given day.  I felt at ease serving customers of diverse backgrounds, one different person after another.  Several times I was able to exercise my developing Spanish language skills as I helped our Hispanic customers.  I hope to pursue a career in international business and I hope this program helps me develop a professional skill set for establishing rapport as I interact across cultural borders of both homogenous and heterogeneous countries.