Alissa Lauren Alba

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Sophomore, Journalism (Reporting) & Anthropology/ Minor-Hispanic Studies

DSC00086Alissa is a sophomore Journalism and Anthropology double major at UNC. She came to UNC from Cary, North Carolina but has lived all over the US from Arizona to New Jersey to California to Florida. To support her education, she works as a server at California Pizza Kitchen and love it (especially the food)! She loves traveling, learning new things from new people, and performing in musicals. As for her future, she plans to attend graduate school and then write for National Geographic.

“I am interested in this program because it will provide me with an opportunity to share and learn about the lives, histories, cultures and experiences of people that, from the outside, may seem different from myself.  This will allow me to reach outside the comfortable borders of my daily experiences.  I believe that breaking these borders that we tend to create for ourselves may be uncomfortable and challenging at first, yet incredibly rewarding in the end. As creatures of habit, we tend to gravitate toward what we are already comfortable with.  Whether that be sticking to the same hobbies or spending time with people who we share many things in common it is an understandable truth.  However, I think that because of this, we mustn’t forget that there are other people that have entirely different daily life experiences, and because of their entirely different cultures, interpret these experiences in entirely different ways.  Reaching out to these people, by reaching outside of our walls that we built for ourselves, we are reaching out for a new understanding.  A new understanding of others, the world we live in and of ourselves. By applying to this program, I am reaching out.  I am asking for the opportunity to learn more about the importance of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.  I am asking to learn how to best share this knowledge with others because I believe that knowledge is most powerful when spread.  I am asking to share my own history and experiences.  I’m reaching out for a new understanding that I believe can be found in this program.”