Bret Robinson

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Junior, Nutrition & Spanish / Minor-Chemistry

BretBret is a pre-medical student studying Nutrition at the School of Global Public Health. He has a fascination with languages and loves to learn about cultures and their languages by traveling.

“Since high school, being in group leadership has always been a top priority for my personal development. As a senior in high school, I took part in a year long leadership program called “Peer Leadership” where the oldest students of the high school worked with the youngest, freshmen, weekly in group problem-solving and team-building, along with other seminars in cyber safety and interpersonal relations. Being a Peer Leader changed me because I was placed in a diverse group of people and we had to get along and work together for the sake of the freshmen. Learning to become more flexible, to listen to others’ opinions, and to ensure everyone was included was so important and I use all my experiences from the program daily in every group setting I am placed in. / Coming from a diverse ethnic background and a diverse hometown population, I also have experience in cultural diversity, yet coming south to North Carolina has made me realize that racial insensitivity still exists and most of the time, I have no idea how to address it since it was never a problem in my short past. I am comfortable with my cultural awareness, but I am lost when it comes to truly helping others become culturally aware, especially since their childhoods were likely less worldly than my own. I want to expand the breadth of my cultural knowledge and competence as well as becoming a stronger leader in general. I love to learn different leadership techniques and exercise them in the real world.  / The only way to be a great leader is to have leadership experience and I hope that as a CCLI leader I can grow as a human in this diverse world.”