Chelsea Barnes

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Junior, Political Science & Communications / Minor- Spanish for the Professions

DSC00011Chelsea is from Hope Mills, North Carolina. She is majoring in Political Science and Interpersonal Communications, with a minor in Spanish for the Professions. She is the current President of the Carolina Indian Circle. Upon graduating, she wants to attend law school and work for a firm in the state of North Carolina.

“For all my life it seems that I have been able to jump onto both sides of the fence. My mother and father divorced when I was two years old and I spent the majority of my time living with my mother. She was Native American, whereas my father was white. To this day I can recall memories of being either the lightest or the darkest person in the room. Because of this, I have always been extremely aware of diversity and have spent a great deal of time exploring what it means. I was immediately drawn to the University of North Carolina when exploring college options. After visiting the campus only once I knew I had to be here. Everyone seemed so friendly and eager to help us explore everything that Carolina had to offer. Regardless of race or ethnicity it seemed that everyone found Carolina home. I often wish that the rest of the world could be this way. While our school is by no means perfect and has a long way to go (along with the rest of the world), I am proud to say that I am part of such an inclusive culture. However, I would love to be a part of the small community of people who take the time to attempt to work and mediate the issues that still exist. I believe that I have all the qualities of an effective leader and participating in such a program would enable me to enhance my own skills and give me the resources I need to share my knowledge with others. Cultural competency is something that is perhaps taken for granted or even ignored. I am honored that UNC has chosen to implement such a program and I would love to be a part of the population that chooses to educate myself and others with the skills needed to promote a diverse, yet inclusive, environment.”