Cyara de Lannoy

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Sophomore, Business & Geography/ Minor-Spanish

DSC00006Cyara was born on the small Caribbean island of Curacao and went to high school in Weston, FL. Here at UNC she is majoring in Business and Geography and minoring in Environmental Science. She is actively involved in the Southeast Asia Interest Association, HOPE Gardens, Burmese Refugee tutoring. Her pride is Pass the Bracelet, an organization she started to raise awareness about the use of child soldiers in Central-African conflicts. She is a scuba diving enthusiast and loves to travel.

“When I first moved to the United States from a small island in the Caribbean I knew not a single word of English. I dove head first into a different and scary new lifestyle. Being raised in an international family has always made me wonder about different aspects of diversity and culture that can bring people together or force them apart. Driven by my passion for learning, determination to push myself, and willingness to take risks I have molded myself into a leader at school and in my community. I want to be able to expand on my interests and skills through participation in the Cultural Competence Leadership Institute and one day start a non-governmental organization focused on attempting to solve problems in our ever-changing world. Society is constantly changing and I want to be able to face the change with the skills necessary to facilitate progress.”