Daniel Tate Davenport

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Sophomore, Psychology/ Minor -Music

DSC00019Daniel Davenport is currently a Sophomore at UNC and hails from Washington, DC. He is a Psychology major with a minor in music. He plans on potentially going to law school after his undergraduate career and start his own firm some day. He has really enjoyed his time at UNC thus far, and  hopes to add to this amazing experience by being a part of CCLI.

“I am very interested in being part of this program because I want to promote diversity throughout our campus. The University of North Carolina has a very strong multicultural base and that is something that I want to be a part of. I want to not only learn more about the inclusion, cultural competency, and leadership of the minorities of our university, but I also want to advocate all of these aspects to our general population. Diversity in our community is what makes UNC the prestigious institution that it is. It shatters the common misconceptions that minorities cannot perform at a high level academically. I want to be a representative for our minority community. I would like to be a part of one of the many unique things about our university, and that is our diversity.”