Elaine Jeanette Stackhouse

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Sophomore, English and Comparative Literature

DSC00041Elaine Jeanette Stackhouse is a sophomore English and Comparative Literature major studying in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is passionate about bridging the education gap and creating greater educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged children worldwide. She is one of the 2013 Hogan Fellowship recipients, and a member of the UNC Honors Program. Elaine is the co-chair of Black History Month for the Black Student Movement, the treasurer for Every Nation Campus Ministries, and a member of Vision a Capella group. She is a Buckley Public Service Scholar and enjoys weekly volunteering with the Communiversity Youth Program for “at risk” children in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro district.

“I have previously been a part of organizations that have lacked diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency and I understand what it is to feel unwelcome. However, I also know what it feels to have someone reach out to me despite my race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. I would like to learn how to better my interpersonal and intercultural skills so that I can better facilitate a welcoming nature in the organizations in which I participate. I would not only like to participate in a program that focuses on diversity, inclusion, competency and leadership because of my own negative experiences, but I hope to use this experience as an example of how I can better the organizations within which I am a leader or member. This program would also help me with my long term goal of working within the education system in the United States and in Ghana, West Africa when I graduate. Ghana is such a culturally diverse place due to the amount of culturally distinct tribes and dialects spoken within the country, and the United States is a conglomeration of culturally diverse peoples. Because I am an aspiring educator I believe it is my duty to be culturally competent and culturally inclusive of the students that I work with whether here, or in Ghana.”