Erica R. Bluford

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Junior, Public Policy

DSC00079Erica R. Bluford is a junior currently studying Public Policy at UNC. Erica is from Mebane, North Carolina and has two younger sisters who she strives to be a role model for. Upon graduation she plans to attend Law School to earn her J.D and Graduate School to earn her MPP and MBA. She hopes to create a business that offers techniques that will enable those with a criminal history to survive in an ever-changing economy and have a better chance of finding, or creating, suitable work. She would also like to alter public policy by providing incentives for businesses that hire people with a criminal history. On campus, Erica serves as the Development Chair and Treasurer for Cadence All-Female A Cappella, she works as an Office Assistant in the Connor Community Office and is actively involved as a Minority Advisor. Erica enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being active in her church, Jeffries Cross Baptist Church in Burlington, NC, and singing!

“I am interested in being a part of a program that focuses on diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, and leadership because I would like to gain hands on experience in effectively interacting with people of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue my Masters in Business Administration as well as my Juris Doctor Degree. It is my goal to focus on social entrepreneurship in order to create a resource for those haunted by their criminal backgrounds. I would like to offer business techniques that will enable these individuals to survive in an ever-changing economy and have a better chance of finding, or creating, suitable work. I would also like to alter public policy by providing incentives to business owners who hire people with a criminal history. I recognize that the criminal justice systems affects people differently and that there are varying opinions as to the best way to solve issues such as criminal recidivism. I would like to be able appreciate and synthesize these opinions to find an effective way to change the criminal justice system. The Cultural Competency Leadership Institute will be valuable to me because it will give me techniques to be able to communicate with people no matter where they came from. This will help me become a more effective leader. I also think I will benefit from one-on-one mentoring CCLI will provide. While I do have a pretty good idea of what I want to do in the future, I am not 100% sure what path I should take to best prepare me. I believe the mentoring offered in this program will help solidify my future goals, provide me with a plan to reach my goals, and expose me to the many options available to people in my chosen career path. CCLI also provides the opportunity to work with and network with people in the corporate, public, and non-profit sectors, all areas I wish to explore.  By participating in the Cultural Competency Leadership Institute, I hope to gain the leadership and communication skills necessary for success in the global workforce. As a cultural competencies scholar I hope to take advantage of everything the program has to offer and make lasting relationships with faculty members and other students of the program. I plan to take utilize my experience in CCLI to learn the strategies and tools of surviving a diverse workforce, enabling me to share what I’ve learned, not only in a formal arena through my career, but also locally in smaller forums such as in my own family, church, and local community.”