Hanha Hobson

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Sophomore, Psychology/ Minor-Spanish for the Professions and either Music Performance or Medical Anthropology

DSC00045Hanha is from Fayetteville, NC. Service is a key aspect of her life, and as a sophomore at UNC, she has gotten involved with many organizations on campus such as the Catalyst Conference, HYPE (Helping Youth by Providing Enrichment), and Cornerstone campus ministry to name a few. Diligence and perseverance are both characteristics that Hanha hold dearly. Because of her hard work and determination, she is currently pursuing a major in Psychology with a double minor in Spanish for the Professions and either Music Performance or Medical Anthropology. She aspires to be a future healthcare provider.

“I have grown up in a multicultural family, my father being African American and my mother being Korean American. In my home, my parents have continually stressed the power of diversity. More importantly, they taught me how to accept who I was, so it did not take long for me to realize that I am the diversity amongst my other diverse peers. Each and every one of us as individuals is different in our own way; we each have something to offer whether it’s our different view on a subject or our background that enables us to appreciate different values. When I respect the beliefs, cultures, and values of others rather than cling to prejudices and stereotypes, I enable myself room for relationships, open opportunities, and ultimately growth. As a student at the University of North Carolina, I have come to the realization that we are a special group of people. In simple terms, common traits that stand out amongst us are our dedication, diligence, and innovation. Although each of our individual resumes could further enumerate our personalities and personal interests, I can only emphasize that our most significant attribute is our humaneness. It is the basis of our mindset, and the impetus that drives our goals and ambitions. Being a part of this program will give me room to flourish and continue developing the identity that I have started to create for myself; the identity to be disciplined, humane, and creative in order to dedicate my life to leadership and service. The values that this program hopes to instill in students coincide with my personal goals, and this program will provide the assistance and provision of resources necessary that will help me in my pursuits towards success.”