Joseph Raphael Siciliano Lucido

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Pre-Business & English /Minor- Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

DSC00094As the younger sibling of a recent Carolina graduate, Joseph had the opportunity to start forming his Heelprint long before he ever stepped foot on campus as a student.

“I have always considered diversity in the Carolina community to be one of the most important assets that the university has to offer, and I take it as a source of pride to be able to count myself among the many unique and exceptional types of people at UNC. Over this past summer, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 25 selected students to participate in the South East Asian Summer Program (SEAS) and received a funded study abroad trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. During my two months abroad, I realized that, upon graduating from UNC, I would like to work abroad, possibly in Singapore, precisely because of the wondrous experiences of this past summer. While in Singapore, I was able to learn more about cultural perceptions and attitudes in the workplace and the importance of being able to better understand subtle cultural nuances in a new part of the world. Hence, the CCLI program would further afford me the opportunity to learn from two organizations on campus that have the knowledge and expertise I am striving to learn that would essentially allow me to thrive and, in turn, work for something that I am passionate about while abroad.  I am also extremely interested in this program because, as I learned this summer, one can never be truly finished learning about a culture as a person’s cultural competency can always be increased, strengthened, and broadened. This program would afford me the unique chance to expand my horizons in regards to acquiring culturally articulate leadership attributes by interacting with new groups of people, gaining knowledge from their experiences, and subsequently contributing from the experiences that I have recently gained in South East Asia. Furthermore, being part of UNC’s Student Government, I recognized that the ideals of inclusion and diversity are integral to innovation, which are capitalized on when many different people come together in hopes of achieving the same goal. Consequently, in my experience, the most meaningful cultural exchange exists between those who have had experiences that differ greatly from one another. Based on my personal history of growing up in Guam, which had both Asian and American influences, combined with the experiences I have acquired since moving stateside, from my travels, and my participation in the SEAS program, I believe I have gained a unique cultural perspective that I would be able to share with the other program participants while simultaneously growing from the ideals they share with me. And, I think it is precisely this cohesive culmination of individual perspectives that would be greatly beneficial to all involved in furthering their goals and aspirations for the future, to a globally-impactful scale.”