Kimberly McCullough

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Junior, Sociology & Education

DSC00089Kimberly is a junior at the UNC studying Sociology and Education. She currently works with the Department of Housing and Residential Education as an office assistant and as an Orientation Leader and Project Coordinator for New Student Carolina and Parent Programs. Her extracurricular activities include tutoring children at a local family resource center and serving as a counselor for various programs such as Project Uplift, North Carolina Renaissance, and the Catalyst Conference. Upon graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue her Ph.D. in Education and work to reform education policies and processes for underprivileged youth.

“Someone once said that “inspiration is someone who lets you know that life goes on and something beautiful can be waiting somewhere when you least expect it”.  I believe that it is important for UNC students to have an opportunity to participate in efforts of this nature so that we can all become more accustomed to working with people that come from different backgrounds and learn to treat all people equally. To participate in a program that teaches you about these initiatives, and most importantly, helps you apply them, will prepare students for what is to come in the real world. We will all come across people who may be different than us in many ways. However, when students are introduced to programs such as the CCLI, it makes us more aware of our surroundings and the impression that we leave on people. Once we become more aware about what diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and leadership stands for, we can then take further steps to apply these concepts in every aspect of our lives.I am interested in being a part of a program that focuses on diversity, inclusion, cultural competency and leadership because these are all fundamental matters that I am highly passionate about.  Being immersed in the Carolina community has taught me a lot about what it means to truly be accepting of all people and learn more about what diversity delineates and represents. Becoming more acquainted with diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and leadership through a program such as the Cultural Competency Leadership Institute, will help me gain an even better, and broader, perspective on what it means to harbor such initiatives and apply them to real life situations. I believe that this opportunity would help me grow not only as a leader, but as an individual both personally and professionally. This program in particular would challenge me to recognize my true potential as a leader, and encourage me to take further steps to lead in a way that demonstrates a true understanding of what it means to embody these concepts.”