Mitali Samant

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Sophomore, Global Studies

MiltaliMitali is a sophomore Global Studies major and possible Spanish minor at UNC. She is interested in different cultures and languages and loves meeting new people. She says that leadership is not her strongest or innate quality, so is really looking forward to exploring what kind of leader she can be in through this program. She is undecided in what career she wants to pursue, and she wants to learn skills that will help her in the workplace in the future. She is very excited to be a part of CCLI and can’t wait to work with everyone and have a great experience!

“I am interested in being a part of this program because I am a possible Global Studies major, and I am interested in international affairs and I believe that diversity and understand other’s cultures is a significant element in the workforce and in being successful in the modern world. I am committed to encouraging diversity and acceptance in our community, and I think that a more inclusive and open group of people will go on to be more successful and aware. In our “melting pot” of various cultures, religions, and backgrounds, understanding each other can only help us to be better people and do greater things in life, such as help those around us. To better our world and to assist developing countries, we must first develop ourselves into the greatest leaders that we can be. Leadership is a necessary skill for life, in the workplace, and in getting ahead. I would like to become a better leader and be able to represent the interests of my fellow students.”