Paul Osei

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Junior, Economics & Chemistry

DSC00038Born and raised in Kumasi Ghana, Paul says he has such an appreciation for things often taken for granted.  His favorite of them all being air conditioned rooms. He is one of two in a set of twins. There is never a dull moment when they are together. He loves food so if you can make it he will eat it. He likes to cook as his hobby so if you have ever been interested in cooking he would say – go for it. Business is his passion and someday he looks forward to becoming an entrepreneur.

“As a native of Ghana West Africa my background is not all too different from others except that I am the first in my family to go to college. Like most first generation students I don’t have the privilege of a support network capable of helping me to unlock my potential as a future professional. Apart from just earning a standard college degree I want to press in on my dream of someday becoming a managerial consulting. I chose a career in consulting because I believe that when businesses thrive the economy is strengthened therefore creating more jobs and enabling many families especially those below the national poverty line to improve the socio-economic status as more jobs are made available to them.  I am interested in applying to  CCLI because I will be surrounding by a team of people who can coach me in developing a road map of specific steps to take to achieve my goal. I also believe that CCLI will mentor me in the soft areas like business etiquette and on decisions that would enable me to expand my career options. Apart from CCLI I do not know anywhere else that would greatly impact me than this program. I truly believe that CCLI is just what I need to move in the right direction. I know that if selected for this program the impact it would have on me would be tremendous.”